Cascade Brewing – Oblique Black and White Stout

20 03 2013

Oblique Black & White Stout

Cascade Brewing has really created something special here.  This “Stout” is obviously quite a few shades lighter than what we are used to, but don’t let that fool you.  This stout has a strong coffee flavor that’s incredibly smooth.  The light malt mixed with the coffee flavor just works!  It’s crazy.  In fact the coffee flavor is so good that it made me want to seek out the coffee and bring some home.  I found out that the coffee is “The Landauer Roast” from Oblique Coffee Roasters in Portland OR and I still need to pick some up.


Dog Fish Head – Indian Brown Ale

12 03 2013

beer 189

Ok… Ok… Ok….

Anytime you see “Dog Fish Head” or “Hair of the Dog” postings we need to give you a disclaimer.  These are beers that always bring full flavor along with BIG alcohol.  So always sip slowly and enjoy yourself but take your time cause they can put it on ya!

Ok… lets get to the Beeya

This beer is very hop forward.

Burnt-raisin little prune like quality…  not like the prunes your grandma uses to keep herself regular but the kind of prune like quality.  Perfect carbonation, which I like because it’s not so fizzy that it takes all the flavor away and it’s not so weak that it doesn’t allow some flavor to fall in every corner of your tongue and mouth.

One thing interesting is that I got a very clean, sharp flavor from this beer: like it was fermented in steel barrels.  Yet it’s malty like it’s been in a wooden cask.  I tell ya these boys can brew their asses off!

Big mouth-feel and I mean they leave no room for empty space on your tongue.  Yet it’s not a sticky type of flavor – it’s sharp. It’s there and then it’s gone.

This is another beer really enjoyed by my sweetheart.  One mention, as it opens up and gets a tad warmer there is a hint of espresso and chocolate.

All around, make sure you enjoy this beer in snifter-type glass.  She needs some air to open-up and might be a touch warmer then most Brown Ales!  At a whopping 7.2%, take your time… for godssakes man!


Magic Hat – #9

12 03 2013

beer 111

At first glance you think this is going to be a Pale Ale like the rest, hoppy upfront and a decent malt backbone, but this Pale Ale is quite different.  At first sip you get a nice fruity note… not sweet, but a hint of tropical fruit. I also got some nutmeg and a little nutty flavor.  I really loved the biscuit-like malt flavor (for you home brewers I think it may be Maris Otter Crisp) it sits on your tongue nicely and helps you enjoy the flavors more intensely.  I would say this is definitely a big Pale Ale so expect the big flavor profile. At 5.1% Abv you’re good to enjoy a few of these bad boys before your tongue needs CPR.

The hop presence is on the back-end so that it finishes with that nice, mild hop bite to keep you on your toes.  I would say this is a more full-flavored Pale than what is out there.  If you’re looking for a nice beer to settle in with and have a conversation while preparing the grill, or something more than a “session” this is definitely your beer.

As a plus, my mom and wife who are big Stout and Porter lovers like the taste and the mouthfeel of the beer.  I also think that little hint of fruit helps.  It’s also a nice beer to help you introduce Coors and Budweiser drinkers into the world of microbrew, or what we call out here in Beervana “REAL BEER!” Cheers

Full Sail – “25” Pale Doppelbock

10 03 2013

beer 176

TallBlack&Tan brings you “25” Pale Dopplebock from Full-Sail Brewing in Hood River Oregon. For those of you that haven’t been to Hood River it’s a pretty cool place. Its a small town known for its wind surfing, fruit orchards, wines… and of course BEER!

This beer pours an awesome reddish brown and has a huge, malty mouth-feel. It has a great hop finish. I got a little burnt raisin and prune flavor. The aroma isn’t huge but you get a kind of biscuit aroma on the nose.

The ABV is 9%, so make sure your day is done and you’re settling in with the little lady before you crack this puppy open ’cause it will creep up on you and call you SALLY!  The warmth will start in the back of the throat and move forward.  So if you are going to be eating a meal that is not really flavorful, by the fourth or fifth taste you won’t be able to taste. So make sure it’s a spicy meal.

The head isn’t huge and there’s not a lot of carbonation. Which in some ways allows the flavor to come forward and sit in your mouth and tongue. This beer definitely has a thick body… and we love BODY!

I really enjoyed this beer. It’s worth every penny you pay. If you are looking for a nice big flavorful beer, one that you can relax and sip on while watching a movie or having a big dinner – this is the gal to take to the dance.

Lagunitas – Wilco Tango Foxtrot

3 04 2010

Oops, I accidentally got ahead of myself on this one.  WTF has a light floral, hoppy aroma.  The 7.8% alocohol is hidden pretty well by the nice balance of flavors and the very clean finish.  I actually wrote in my tasting notes that this would make a nice session beer – I must not have read the ABV percentage.  Lagunitas is well-known as a solid brewery putting out top-shelf beer at a mid-shelf price – you’ve gotta love that.

10 Barrel Brewing – Apocalypse IPA

3 04 2010

A light, spicy aroma is the first greeting you get from this ominously named IPA.  The hoppy flavor is balanced with some maltiness.  A spicy flavor also flickers in the background – not sure what it is, but it gives some added depth to the palette.  I’m very interested in trying out some other beers by this brewery.

Ninkasi – Spring Reign

3 04 2010

This one has a mellow hoppy, citrus aroma.  It is lightly malty with a medium hoppiness at first sip.  This is followed up by some tartness and bitterness that remains in your mouth for a while.  The name made me think that it was going to be somewhat light, maybe a thirst quencher, but this one is a full-bodied beer.  Don’t attempt this one as a session beer, it’s better taken in single dosages.